Pawling Taxpayers - do you want to Reduce your property taxes? The Citizen Empowerment Act passed by State of New York in 2009 enables voters in Pawling to do just that and many New York municipalities have already done it!


If our ONE PAWLING initiative is successful a 12 to 18 month process begins to combine our Town and Village government into one new smaller Pawling government that will serve all residents.  

Pawling voters do have the opportunity to vote again next year on a final plan before it is implemented.


To start this process we gathered 831 signatures and now we are guaranteed this question can get on the ballot on November 3, 2020.  


Once approved by Pawling’s voters this November, the Town and Village government will be compelled by law to form a 6 person council equally representing both the Village Board and Town Board.  Those 6 elected officials will be required to work together to create a framework for a new smaller and more efficient government that serves both Town and Village residents.  


Pawling will then be eligible for a grant to fully pay the cost of research and a full evaluation of potential savings to taxpayers and the impact on our local government operation.


The final plan for Pawling’s new government will be outlined for residents and Pawling’s voters do have the opportunity to vote on that final plan for this merger in 2021. 

It is a chance to reduce the size of Pawling's Government and Pawling Property Taxes.  Join our effort!  Let’s get this on the ballot and LET PAWLING VOTERS DECIDE!




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